A cover letter for study grant application

Back in 2009, having completed my Bachelor’s, I decided to pursue a Double Master’s program. Already awarded a generous study grant from NUS, I still needed a substantial amount of money. I wrote to several organizations seeking for financial aids, and eventually found my sponsor. This is the letter that helped me. I am sharing it here; perhaps it will help someone to get supports for their studies.
It’s fun to look back at what I wrote years ago. I think my writing style has changed somewhat, but I believe I am still pursuing the endeavour set out in those days. More interestingly, reading these lines makes me feel refreshed and motivated to continue.

<Greetings and introduction>

I was recently admitted to the Double Master’s Degrees in Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management. The programme is a collaboration between the National University of Singapore and Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands), and is hosted by the Singapore-Delft Water Alliance (SDWA). I joined this programme for the following reasons:

During my tertiary education in civil engineering, I had developed strong interest in water related issues. My Dissertation made use of real options analysis to emphasize the value of flexibility in planning for Singapore’s water supply. Understanding the importance of water in human civilization, I decided to pursue further study, especially on water supply and flood control.

Personally, I am very keen on global exposure – my Bachelor’s degree was the Joint Degree between NUS and the University of Melbourne. Seeing water becoming more and more of a global issue, I strongly desire for a broader perspective on these matters.

Not only do I desire to play a role in solving the water stress in Singapore – the country that provided me my education, but I also feel urged to help protect my country – Vietnam, against the floods and storms that she faces every year. As a civil engineer, I want to bring a better life to people.

This programme, comprising one year of study at each university, is a unique opportunity, allowing pursuit of both water expertise and global experience at the same time. It provides knowledge from the two top countries in water: Singapore (being a water-stressed country) and the Netherlands (having centuries of fighting against the sea). It is this prestigious programme that prepares me the knowledge and perspective to fulfill all the desires above.

I believe that the output of my study will soon help me pay my tribute back to Singapore. Unfortunately, the high cost of living in Europe is the key obstacle to embarking on the trip. Therefore, I would sincerely appreciate if the <company> could provide financial aids.

SDWA’s endorsement, a proposal containing introduction to SDWA, the Programme and what I will do, and my curriculum vitae are attached. Please feel free to contact me by <phone and email> should you require further details or clarifications.
Thank you in advance and I look forward to your favourable reply.

Yours sincerely,


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