A little push

Last Saturday, I made my little one a standing bar across the mirror in his room, so that he  could practice standing up. Here’s my little weekend project.


He stood up and smiled. That was one of the best moments  of my life, and it gave me a very strong emotional boost. I’ve always been struggling between time for him and time for work. There was a time I had to seek counseling. That helped; I felt better but deep down there is always a trade off.

With this little project (which was actually my wife’s idea), I felt like I’m a “cool dad” who can do cool thing for his son. I felt great.

I know this feeling is just short term. But sometimes, all you need is just a little push to get started, and then you build up the momentum on your own, and you can keep moving.

By the way, I just learned something new today. I’ve always wondered why people use GPUs (graphics processing units) for machine learning applications, most notably AlphaGo. I learned today that GPUs are really fast in computing matrices, which is essential for computer imaging. As machine learning algorithms naturally involve a lot of matrix manipulations, GPUs are good too.

Keep reading and keep coding.


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