I’m happy

I am doing a PhD, which I enjoy, on water resources management, which I care about.

I am taught, trained and mentored by brilliant nice people (not only now, in my past works too).

I’m surrounded by highly intellectual people. The amount of knowledge I learn every day is amazing. Back in my working days, I often felt so bored that I had to look out for podcasts to enrich my mind. Now, my brain is never hungry, and podcasts become virtually unnecessary (except for an occasional dose of Freakonomics).

I have a wonderful wife, more than any guy could ever ask for. And she just baked me a jar of chocolate cookie to munch in the office.

I have a happy and healthy baby boy who is super active, constantly moving about experiencing the world.

I have a strong family support system.

I’m living very comfortably.

I have no reason to be unhappy. I can be worried and upset, but I should always remember that I have all the reasons to be happy.


Little one is sick. He has an eye infection and a fever. On Friday night his temperature peaked at 39.3 °C. But he’s recovering well, and today, he’s active and happy as if he’s fully recovered. He’s amazing. And these few days when he’s sick, he’s clinging on me more.

His waking up time has been oddly early for about a week, which makes my wake-up-early and-do-work plan no longer feasible. So I switched back to staying up late at night for my lucubration. I still wish that I could resume the early waking up soon—I think I work better in the early morning.


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