I’ve completed one year in my PhD program

So the third term of the year is over, which means I’ve completed my first year in the programme. The focus of the first term was on coursework, and the second term on research. This term is a balance between both, with an extra component: teaching assistant duty.The work load is heavy, and I worked really hard. The last two weeks of the term was the toughest, with all the due dates coming together. But that’s not only true for me, it’s also true for my students. As a result, I also received more questions from students during the last two weeks. Looking back, I’m actually quite amazed with myself that I pulled through.

It would have been a complete fairy tale if the term had actually ended with a high note and I had actually done well with everything. Of course, life is not perfect. I tripped at the last step and didn’t do well at the final for one class. I was very disappointed. I liked the class very much and I had been doing well. Somehow I wasn’t in the right state of mind during the exam. Probably my brain was too stretched out during the two weeks. But it’s okay. I’m happy with the semester. I’m particularly happy for two reasons:

  1. I found an excellent collaborator who clicks with me and who is as serious as me. I’m looking forward to more collaborations with him. We already have something in mind.
  2. A student came to me asking about a life decision: whether it’s better to work first or to continue straight away with his PhD. I must have done something right in class so that he trusted me with this question.

Now that the term is over, it’s family time. I’m gonna spend the next two weeks focusing on my family to compensate for the last two weeks. I’m gonna be back to being a cool daddy!

And then it’s back to research. I’ll spend 3 weeks of serious research before the term starts again.

I just met my advisor one last time before the term really ends today. He gave me a handshake with a very firm grasp and a pat on the shoulder. That says everything.


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