A self-revelation

I attended a time management workshop this afternoon. Since it was conducted by the Wellbeing Services (which is another fancy name for psychological counselors), the session focused more on solving the time management problem from a personal perspective rather than doing the usual tips, tricks and cheats. Through the sessions, I came to an important revelation. In my first semester, I was extremely focused. I knew that I didn’t know anything, so I worked hard through every obstacles. After 3 semesters of good results, I’ve come to see a better image of myself, which, unfortunately, makes me less tolerance to the thought of me not knowing things. This explains why I get distracted easily nowadays. As I study or read papers, every now and then I would come upon a difficult point, and I would deviate to checking Facebook, reading Wikipedia, or reading the news, to get that sense of gratification, which is a better thing to feel than being stuck with some hard maths.

The first step towards solving a problem is to realize what the problem is. I need to work on this.


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