Statement of purposes for grad school application

This is the statement of purposes that helped me be admitted to grad school. Writing this was quite an experience. It helped me reflect my entire life journey (water-wise, of course), and in a way, it reinforced my decision to do a PhD. It took me several weeks, on and off, to get the piece done.

I am thankful for my mom-in-law and my wife for helping a lot with the manuscript.

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A cover letter for study grant application

Back in 2009, having completed my Bachelor’s, I decided to pursue a Double Master’s program. Already awarded a generous study grant from NUS, I still needed a substantial amount of money. I wrote to several organizations seeking for financial aids, and eventually found my sponsor. This is the letter that helped me. I am sharing it here; perhaps it will help someone to get supports for their studies.
It’s fun to look back at what I wrote years ago. I think my writing style has changed somewhat, but I believe I am still pursuing the endeavour set out in those days. More interestingly, reading these lines makes me feel refreshed and motivated to continue.

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